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About KMDC Alumni Society

At KMDC, we believe in the importance of establishing a strong connection between the faculty, the students, and the campus. That is the reason we strive hard to offer a memorable experience that can play a vital role in nurturing positive development of their thoughts and personality. A large number of dedicated graduates could play an utterly supportive role in helping us achieve our goal. They can help us form a strong alumina that provides all KMDCians an opportunity to feel a lasting connection and sense of belonging with the alma mater.
KMDC Alumni Society is the result of our collaborative efforts toward achieving this goal. The major purpose of the KMDC Alumni Society is to offer a diverse range of services, activities and opportunities that support productive and positive growth of KMDC as an institute.
We have developed KMDC into a place where our students enjoy and experience the best days of their lives. The KMDC Alumni society will offer several opportunities to recreate those experiences and relive those golden moments. We further add to these experiences by opening up a world of new activities and opportunities to work together for more important causes. In order to broaden the scale of these experiences, KMDC will connect with the Alumni all across the globe. Together, we work towards a common goal – to facilitate the growth of KMDC.
We wish each and every KMDCian to come forth, reconnect, and play their part in prospective success and progress of the institution. We believe that seemingly smaller efforts of each individual can combine to make huge differences. That is why, we want you to come forward and play your proactive role in making KMDC a highly competitive institution on a global level.
If you are a KMDC graduate and haven’t joined the rank yet, please register now for free membership of the KMDC Alumni Society.