The mission of KMDC Alumni Society is to open doors to productive activities, special benefits and a diverse variety of learning opportunities. It allows current and former students to form a stronger connection with each other and with the Alma Mater.


The KMDC Alumni Society has been founded with concrete objectives that we hope will remain unshaken and unchanged. The major objectives of the KMDC Alumni Society are:
To hold an updated record of information about the Alumni of KMDC.
To offer a platform where the members of Alumni can communicate ideas of academic, cultural and social aspects.
To play a supportive role as the ambassadors of the institution.
To organize educational as well as social activities for the members of the society and former students of KMDC.
To hold the responsibility of collection, publication and distribution of useful information.
To develop financial resources and linkages for the betterment of Alumni and the Institution.
To arrange and mentor clinical electives for KMDC students and contribute for Alumni need based scholarship.
To enable the members of the Society to establish a professional network.
To provide a means of involvement by the members of the Society to support the academic and research programs at KMDC.
To provide welfare services to KMDC alumni, employees and ex-employees through various means.
To keeps the members updated and informed of industry and institute related news, current events and alumni reunions, etc.