Dr. Nargis Anjum

Patron in chief


“KMDC has always considered its students its most precious assets. The Alumni society is a platform through which the college strengthens this bond with its current and former students. I am extremely delighted that KMDC Alumni Society has established, and hope our graduates will actively play their part in promoting an atmosphere of mutual respect and support through the society.
I believe that this bond will continue to grow stronger and our graduates will continue to take the institution to a whole new level of success and progress. I wish to appreciate and congratulate the efforts of our faculty as well as the graduates for establishing the Society through their efforts and hard work. I look forward to a future where KMDC will hold a very prominent place as a promoter of quality healthcare in Pakistan.
I would like to invite our brilliant graduates to keep their bond strong and never let go of the connection they have with their alma mater. KMDC will forever need your support and association. With the education this institution has provided, you have everything you need to step into your practical lives. You will start your journey towards success and achievements. But remember, KMDC will always remain a part of you. Our wishes, prayer and support will always be with you.”