Its unparalleled faculty and state-of-the-art facilities along with friendly campus environment have made KMDC what it is today – One of the most sought after Dental college in the Pakistan. The way the college prepares students to face global competition and come out successful is unique and unmatched. Producing the kind of students health sector looks for is the result of an electrifying combination of intelligent effort and optimal resources. A first-rate college’s immortality is neither more nor less than the words spoken even decades later by its students to their own colleagues, friends, spouses, and children – “I graduated from “KMDC”

Dr Jehanzaib

I was the student of the first batch (1993 – 1997) of BDS from Karachi Medical & Dental College. The positive point of the college was our ‘Faculty Members’. On one side they were adept in teaching skills and on the other side they were our mentors. Apart from the excellent education, it was the friendly journey that was the most rewarding. It was the combination of the KMDC education, the KMDC community, and the KMDC friendships that defined the uniqueness that I will always remember with great pride. I’m highly thankful to KMDC for providing me a solid foundation which helped me to achieve my career goals. I feel proud to be a product of such reputed institution.

Dr Sheraz.

KMDC had played a transformational role in my life. Apart from the best education offered here, I had enjoyed every single day of my 4 years spent at college. It was the first place where I was introduced to the concept of patient care, technology innovation and breakthrough opportunities. I support KMDC in gratefulness for the knowledge and experience it gave me and would continue to play my role in the growth of the institution. I have no issues in admitting that what I am today and what I will be in future, KMDC will have an important part in it. It is and will remain a landmark in my career and its growth. Thank you to all of my teachers at KMDC who were always there for guiding and mentoring and good luck to the current students of KMDC for both their studies and future goals

Dr Shah Faisal

Studying at KMDC was a great experience and best of the years of my life. At KMDC quality of education is the first priority and I can say with pride that, quality of learning is best in KMDC. Teaching expertise at Karachi Medical & Dental College is excellent which ignites the minds of budding professionals to achieve their goals for life. High tech labs and updated library has always quenched our thirst of theoretical knowledge. Clinical rotations at Abbassi Shaheed hospital was magnificent to gain practical skills and attitude. I always thank KMDC for carving a professional out of me and I dedicate my success to the KMDC and thank Allah for letting me take the right decision while choosing my career and institution.

Dr Adil