• Department of Surgery and Allied Specialties

    The department of surgery comprises of three surgical units and allied specialities like Neurosurgery, Burns & Plastic Surgery, Urology, Accident and Emergency, Anaesthesiology and Orthopaedic units. The departments of Surgery of KMDC are based at Abbassi Shaheed Hospital. The hospital mainly caters the most thickly populated area of Karachi. The Trauma Centre, unique of its type in the country is a part of Department of Surgery.

    There are seven Professor, five Associate professor, twelve Assistant professor and six Senior Registrars in surgery & its Sub Specialties. The department provides teaching and training facilities for undergraduate medical and dental students & post graduate trainees. The students have tutorial, lectures and regular bedside teaching sessions. There progress is assessed monthly by conducting BCQ’S and Objective Structured Clinical Examination. There is an active teaching program for house Surgeons, residents and post graduate students as well. Regular weekly clinical students meeting with case presentations and Med-Line literature review, post emergency meeting to discuss emergency admission and management and weekly grand surgical ward rounds are routine.

    The surgical department is recognized by College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan for Post Graduate Specialized training leading to FCPS and by Royal College for MRCS.

    Bed Strength in Surgery & Allied speciality
    Department Bed Units
    Gen. Surgery 138 3
    Orthopedics 82 2
    Urology 22 1
    Plastic Surgery 22 1
    Neurosurgery 30 1
    Surgical ICU 20 1
    A&E 35 1
    TOTAL 349 10

    Research and Publication
    The department is actively engaged in research based learning. The postgraduate students are assigned projects for completion of their thesis requirement of Part II FCPS examination. More over other research projects simultaneously run and research papers are regularly published in PMDC recognized local and international journals.

    Surgical Skills Workshop
    The department has developed a surgical skills laboratory where regular workshop are conducted. It has got facility for basic surgical skill learning. For advance surgical training, Endo trainers have been installed for hand-eye video co-ordination to practice video assisted surgery on dummies.

    Museum and Audio Visual Hall
    There is a museum with good numbers of specimens, interesting x-rays, case records, photographs and instruments. A well equipped Audio Visual Hall with Video Lax facility is also available. Students have got the facility to watch live operative procedures conducted in operations with the surgeon directly.

    Department Library
    The department library furnished latest text books, reference books, local and international journals, video cassettes, CD’s and computer.

    Effectiveness of the department is reflected by high success rate in MBBS & postgraduate exams of College of Physician and Surgeons of Pakistan and Royal Colleges of England leading to fellowship and higher degree.

    Better patient care is the ultimate goal of teaching and training. In addition to routine general surgical and emergency cases, Laparoscopic Surgery and upper and lower Gastro Intestinal endoscopy services are also provided to the patients.
    Head of Department
    Prof. S.M. Abbas Hussain , MBBS (Gold Medalist), FCPS.
    Prof. Tariq Mahmood Khan, MBBS, FCPS.
    Prof. S.Ashraf Hassan, MBBS, FCPS.
    Associate Professor
    Dr. Rohail Mehmood ur Rehman, MBBS, FCPS.
    Dr. Ghazala Khursheed Bahati, MBBS, FCPS.
    Dr.M.Jamaluddin, MBBS, FCPS.
    Assistant Professor
    Dr.M.Tanveer Alam, MBBS, FCPS.
    Dr.M.Azfar Uddin, MBBS, FCPS.
    Dr.Rizwan A.Khan, MBBS, FCPS.
    Dr.S.Intesar M. Kazmi, MBBS, FCPS.
    Dr.S.M.Saleem Ali, MBBS, FCPS.
    Dr.S.M.Aurangzeb, MBBS, FCPS.
    Senior Registrar
    Dr.Bushra Tasneem, MBBS, FCPS.
    Dr.Shakeel Ahmed, MBBS, FCPS.
    Dr.Irfan Zubairi, MBBS, FCPS.
    Dr.Saeed Ahmed, MBBS, FCPS.
    Dr.Humaid Ahmad, MBBS, FCPS.
    P.A to HOD
    Mr.Ejaz Ahmed Khan.
  • Department of Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery

    The department of orthopaedic surgery is located on the second floor of Trauma Centre, Abbassi Shaheed Hospital. There are 95 beds in orthopaedic ward. Administratively the Orthopaedic department is divided into two units. Orthopaedic out patients clinics are held daily, where the daily attendance of the patients is around 300. Average number of admissions in Orthopaedic ward around the year is 3000. Operating facilities for Orthopaedic surgery are provided in three theatre suit, which are equipped with state of the art orthopaedic theatre table and X-Ray image intensifier. Video camera facility has been installed so that surgical procedures can be watched on TV monitor/recorded on video to facilitate teaching. Comprehensive range of surgical procedures are performed including latest techniques like interlocking nailing, arthroscopic surgery and joint replacement surgery.

    The department organize an elaborative program of teaching for undergraduate students as well as post graduate trainees. This includes teaching sessions. The department is recognized by College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan for FCPS training. Weekly clinical meeting are held in which leading orthopaedic surgeons of the city participate. The clinical data pertaining to orthopaedics in patients including patient records is being computerized. Department has established the state of the art learning resource centre/seminar room with sitting capacity of 35 persons.

    Head of Department
    Prof. Rehanan Ali Shah , MBBS, FRCS.
    Incharge Unit-II
    Prof.M.Asif Qureshi, MBBS, FCPS.
    Associate Professor
    Dr. Rajab Ali Mughal, MBBS, FCPS.
    Dr. S.Amir Jalil, MBBS, FCPS.
    Assistant Professor
    Dr.M.Yousuf Yaqoob, MBBS, FCPS.
    Dr.Syed Sajid Hussain, MBBS, FCPS.
    Dr.Zulfiqar Haider, MBBS, FCPS.
    Dr.Hassan Amir, MBBS, FCPS.
  • Department of Plastic & Reconstruction Surgery & Burns Unit

    Burns and Plastic Surgery is a thirty four bedded unit. In Karachi, it is one of the 2 public sectors Government hospitals to accept all major adults burns patients. The unit also deals with cold plastic surgery cases including congenital anomalies (hypospadias, cleft lip & palate), post burn contracture, bedsores, head and neck reconstructions after cancer or trauma, major skin loss of limbs after trauma and hand surgery. We have special interest in hand surgery and total nasal reconstruction. Cosmetic surgeries are also performed, though it constitutes less than 10 percent of the total surgeries. We have three tables for operations thrice a week. We have OPD three days a week. Thus, trying at best to provide complete services for needy & poor patients.

    Head of Department
    Prof.Najeeb Ur Rab Ansari , MBBS, FCPS.
    Associate Professor
    Dr. Nasreen Siddiqui, MBBS, FCPS(Surgery),FCPS(Plastic Surgery).
    Senior Registrar
    Dr Faisal Akhlaq.
  • Department Of Neurosurgery

    The department of Neurosurgery Karachi Medical & Dental College and Abbassi Shaheed Hospital is responsible for managing Neurosurgical emergencies and elective neurosurgical patients admitted through OPDs. The surgery currently being performed by the department are V.P Shunts, Disc Surgery, Surgery for Intracranial Haematomas and other Trauma related surgeries.

    The academic activities of the department include lectures on important Neurosurgical topics that have relevance to clinical practice and clinical training of the students in the wards. The Department of Neurosurgery actively participates in research activities and present research papers at national and international forums. Importantly, it works with other departments of Abbassi Shaheed Hospital and external well-reputed organisations for Research collaboration.

    Head of Department
    Prof.Shahid Ahmed , MBBS, FCPS.
    Assistant Professor
    Dr. Ghazanfar Tahir, MBBS, FCPS.
    Dr.Syed Akmal Jamil, MBBS, MS.
  • Department of Urology

    The department of Urology is situated on the second floor of the main building of Abbassi Shaheed hospital. Presently it compromises 40 male and female beds jointly shared with Nephrology Department. Besides, teaching staff of the unit, other members of the unit comprise of RMO’s, PG's and House Officers. Dr. Irfan Feroze exclusively looks after the E.S.W.L Unit.

    The unit is acute and serves round the clock. It has thrice weekly OPDs, twice weekly OT days and once weekly post graduate teaching sessions. The unit is equipped with most modern Endo Urological equipments and routine Endo Urological surgeries are performed. The Urology/Nephrology floor is getting an active uplift and a seminar room is in full operation for teaching. The department of Urology has been recognized for full four years for part II FCPS program. It is also recognized for M.S Urology program. Both Dr. Aslam Sufi and Dr. Saeed Abidi are post graduates supervisors.

    Data collections / case reports preparations / case presentations are routine academic activities and articles are routinely published in various reputable journals. The department actively participates in various meetings of P.A.U.S/Society of Surgeons Pakistan and various symposiums.

    Head of Department
    Prof.M.Aslam Sufi , MBBS, FRCS.
    Associate Professor
    Dr.Syed Saeed, MBBS, FCPS.
  • Department of Anesthesiology, Surgical Intensice Care & Pain Management

    Both Karachi Medical and Dental College and Abbassi Shaheed Hospital are performing a pivotal role in providing health care services to the people, with best of efforts of their Doctors and allied workers. The department of Anesthesia is sharing a big responsibility in delivering the services smoothly.

    The department of Anesthesia provides peri-operative care to patients that undergoes operations each year. Thousand of surgical procedures are done in one year, which include Neurosurgical, Orthopaedic, Plastic, Ophthalmologic, Gynaecological, Urologic, General and Minimally invasive surgery. We also provide peri-operative Anesthesia care to patients undergoing procedures in obstetric emergencies. However, Anesthesia to patients with trauma and acute surgical emergencies is an undeniable contribution which the department is offering smoothly with evolving and energetic team, comprising of residents, consultants and faculty anesthetics. In addition, many patients are seen in the pain management clinic, coming with chronic and acute pain.

    Moreover, the department is also running a 10 bedded Surgical Intensive Care unit, equipped with latest monitors and ventilators. The surgical ICU is blessing for poor patients who need intensive care which is expensive and unfortunately out of their reach at other places. We provide quality care at our SICU free of cost without any discrimination. Apart from SICU, we have 10 bedded highly dependency unit, providing intensive care with standard monitoring services.

    The anaesthetists provide emergency care and anesthesia, a pretty serious business. Infect, taking control of breathing unconscious patient is a highly important component of any surgical procedure. When we compare with early days, anesthesia at our hospital is more up-to-date and safe. These advances have not happened by an accident. No doubt, it is the effort of all faculty members who are regularly teaching new skills and improving knowledge with sharing, teaching and research strategies. Surely, we want to built over this success and aim to serve better with collaboration of all other departments and administration in future.

    Head of Department
    Prof. Aftab Imtiaz , MBBS, FCPS.
    Prof. Masroor Uddin, MBBS, MCPS,FCPS.
    Associate Professor
    Dr. S.Noor Ul Haque, MBBS, MCPS,FCPS.
    Assistant Professor
    Dr.Syeda Hamid ALi, MBBS,MCPS, FCPS.
    Dr.Syed Asma Khalid, MBBS,MCPS, FCPS.
    Senior Registrar
    Dr.Muhammad Junaidullah Ansari MBBS, FCPS.
    Dr.Zainab Saeed, MBBS, FCPS.
    Dr.Zainb Saeed, MBBS,MCPS, FCPS.
    Dr.Asim Masroor Rasheed, MBBS, MCPS.
    Dr.Ghulam Moinuddin, MD, FCPS.
  • Department of Dignostic Radiology & Imaging

    Face of any is hospital is the Emergency, the Laboratory and the Department of the Radiology, now known as the Department of Imaging. Radiology now encompasses the modalities in which non-ionizing radiations are being used like Ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance Imaging. The development of computers has revolutionized the field of imaging. In the last two decades, many new modalities have been introduced like ultrasound with Colour Doppler & 3D imaging. CT Scanning including the helical & spiral CT & now the (Multi Detector) CT which will be able to detect coronary artery diseases.

    The Department of Radiology of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital compromises of 05 X-ray machines of variable KV & mAs with CR and DR system. Almost all the wards are equipped with portable X-ray machines. The department is equipped with two colour Doppler echocardiography, 06 ultra-sound machines, Fluroscopy with image intensifier mammography and multi detector CT scan machine. All kind of interventional procedures are performed in the department such as liver abscess drainage and biopsies under ultrasound & CT guidance. MRI is installed and fully functional. The department is serving at its best with the adequate support from the administration.

    Dr Syed Qamar Aziz , MBBS, MCPS.
    Assistant Professor
    Dr.M.Zia ul Hassan(Acting Incharge), MBBS,MCPS, FCPS.
    Dr. Ameena Begum, MBBS, FCPS.
  • Department of Medicine and Allied Specialties

    The Department of Medicine of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital consists of three medical units. It is recognized by the College of Physician & Surgeons, Pakistan for training FCPS part II. It has produced many postgraduates some of them are holding posts at KMDC. The allied specialties are well equipped.

    The department provides facilities of therapeutics unit, under the department of pharmacology & therapeutics, responsible for different activities in the department like formulary designing, A.D.R monitoring, Prescription analysis etc. The department has an Oncology unit responsible for medical treatment of patients.

    Being attached to KMDC, the department has also comprehensive teaching program for both undergraduate students and postgraduate trainees. Beside, regular reaching and tutorials for the students, there are case presentation and topic discussion by house officers and postgraduate students on regular basis.

    Head of Department
    Prof. Tahir Hussain , MBBS,MCPS,MRCP, FRCP.
    Prof. Abu Noem Farooqui, MBBS, MCPS,FCPS.
    Prof. Syed Laeeq Ahmed, MBBS,FCPS.
    Prof. Saleem Ullah, MBBS,FCPS.
    Associate Professor
    Dr. Sabeen Atif, MBBS,FCPS.
    Dr. Qasier Jamal, MBBS,FCPS.
    Assistant Professor
    Dr.Mahmood- ul-Hassan,MBBS, FCPS.
    Dr.Anila Altaf,MBBS, FCPS.
    Dr.A.Sabeen Rehman,MBBS, FCPS.
    Dr.Asad Usman,MBBS, FCPS.
    Dr.Shaista Ahmed,MBBS, FCPS.
    Dr.Tanveer Ahmed,MBBS, FCPS.
  • Department of Cardiology

    The department of Cardiology, Abbasi Shaheed Hospital caters to the needs of patients suffering from heart diseases. The department is well-established for cardiac care and has Coronary care units, General Male/Female wards, and Non-Invasive/Invasive Diagnostic Laboratory. The department of Cardiology has 08 bedded Coronary Care Unit (CCU) with the latest monitoring system and other necessary medical equipments. The Department of Cardiology offers OPD facility six days a week and alongside Pacemaker Clinic, Anti-Coagulant clinic, and Chest pain clinic are simultaneously run.

    The Department of Cardiology arranges frequent lectures on current cardiac issues. It also offers a recognized one year course ECG training for the technicians. The department is duly recognize for two years course of Diploma of Cardiology and MD program from University of Karachi. Various other workshops on Prevention & Intervention of Heart Disease are also arranged regularly. The department, in collaboration with Pakistan Cardiac Society (PCS ) and Society of interventional Cardiology (SIC) organizes different courses which attracts both local and national faculty equally. Special emphasis is being placed on research. Residents and clinical fellows actively participate in research projects on various diseases patterns in the department under supervision of Consultants and Head of Cardiology.

    Head of Department
    Dr.A.Rasheed Khan , MBBS,Dip Card,MCPS,MD, FCAP.
    Associate Professor
  • Department of Nephrology

    The Department of Nephrology comprises of two units, one located at the second floor of the main Abbasi Shaheed Hospital building. It includes, a 20 bedded dialysis unit equipped with latest dialysis machines, a reverse osmosis equipment for good quality water during dialysis, a 15 bedded ward and a ten bedded ICU. The other unit is located in Federal B Area (Nazeer Hussain Kidney Centre). This is also fully equipped with most modern 60 bedded Nephro-Urology setup. The faculty includes a Professor, Assistant Professor & Senior Registrar. Besides this, there are a good numbers of RMO’s and House officers.

    The Nephrology department provides emergency cover all seven days of the week. It runs three out-patient clinics a week. It provides care to all sorts of acute and chronic nephrology patients. It runs a ‘Chronic Kidney Disease’ clinic where emphasis is on detecting early patients with CKD so that patients are prevented from going into End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), and hence needing dialysis or transplant. However, for the unfortunate patients who have reached ESRD, the facility for hemodialysis and continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) is available. The department plans to come up with a kidney transplant program soon, with the collaboration of the Urology department.

    With all facilities available under one roof we plan to develop this centre into a state of art Nephro-Urology centre of the country (Insha Allah).

    Head of Department
    Prof. Waqar H.Kazmi ,MDMS(TUFS,BOSTON).
    Assistant Professor
    Dr.Khurram Daniyal, MBBS,FCPS.
    Dr.Adil Ramzan, MBBS, FCPS.
  • Department of Psychiarty

    The Psychiatry Department of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital is actively performing academic and research activities, undertaking administrative responsibilities of ward management and providing quality of healthcare and clinical services to patients with psychiatric illness. The department has a well-established Learning Resource Centre, Library, and Seminar Room to facilitate learning of medical students and postgraduate trainees.

    Academic Activities
    The psychiatry department is actively involved in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programs. The undergraduate program includes teaching of psychiatry during clinical rotation and interactive lectures scheduled in fourth & final years of MBBS. The department is also involved in teaching of Behavioral Sciences to undergraduate students, scheduled in first and third year, MBBS. The department is accredited for postgraduate training by College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan and candidates for MCPS and FCPS are enrolled for these programs. The faculty members are supervising the training of the candidates for these courses and senior faculty members are also given responsibility as examiners by CPSP. Regular CME programs for Psychiatrists, postgraduates & family physician and awareness programs for general population are held in the department on regular basis.

    Research Activities
    The department has produced more than twenty research papers which have been published in recognized and reputable journals of Pakistan. The department is also working in collaboration with other faculties of Abbassi Shaheed Hospital in conducting studies on different important areas of medical research. The department has Liaison with national and international psychiatric services to promote research activities.

    Administrative Affairs
    The faculty members and senior doctors of the department are looking after the administrative responsibilities of this 28 bedded unit with a busy outpatient & inpatient attendance. The administrative issues include the supervision of patients care, availability of medicines, duties of postgraduate students & Resident medical officers, services of paramedical staff towards patient care and liaison with administrative staff of hospital over day to day issues.

    Clinical Services
    The Psychiatry department is putting all the possible efforts to provide the required clinical services to its outpatient & inpatient attendance. The Department conducts outpatient clinic six days a week with an average attendance of over sixty to eighty patients per day. The department is also providing essential medicines free of cost to deserving outpatients & inpatients arranged by zakat fund of the department or by donations. The department provides basic screening services for psychiatric patients using validated and reliable screening instruments. Liaison services are also available on a round the clock basis and these services have been helpful in the materialization of many of our research project with other department of our hospital.

    Establishment of Learning Resource Centre:
    Through public private sponsorship a Learning Resource Centre has been established, equipped with seven personal computers, networking and round the clock internet facility.

    Seminar Room:
    With the collaboration of public private sponsorship a Seminar Room has been established with the seating capacity of 14 people and a multi media with standby power supply.

    The recently developed library of the department has over 1000 books & journals, and a collection of CD’s & DVD’s available for research and postgraduate learning.

    Head of Department
    Prof.M.Munir Hamerani, MBBS, MCPS, DPM (Dublin), FCPS(Psych).
    Associate Professor
    Dr.Sohail Ahmed, MBBS, MCPS, FCPS(Psych).
    Assistant Professor
    Dr.Nadeem Iqbal, MBBS, MCPS, FCPS(Psych).
    Senior Registrar
    Dr.Syed Baqar Raza, MBBS,MCPS(Psych).
  • Department of Dermatology

    The department of Dermatology was established in June 1995. Highly qualified and trained dermatologists provide consultation and better treatment to the patients. The department is well-equipped and has Woods Lamp, Magnifying Lamp, Cautery machine, Cryogen, Computers, Slide projectors, Skin biopsy set, Sterilizer etc. Since 2006 the PUVA therapy unit is in the department. Microscope and dermatoscope is also available. We have 2 outpatient room and two patients skin ward are attached with Medical Unit III of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital.

    Department of Dermatology arranges yearly 14-16 lectures of dermatology for final year MBBS students. There is a 15 days compulsory rotation of IV year MBBS. The department also accommodates elective rotations for postgraduate students form Medicine, Eye etc.

    Since 2003 the department is recognized in MCPS training in dermatology by CPSP. Later, the department was recognized for FCPS training in 2007.

    Head of Department
    Prof.Naseema Kapadia, MBBS, FCPS.
    Senior Resgistrar
    Dr .Maria Farooque, MBBS, FCPS.
  • Department of Gynaecology

    The Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology comprises of an Outpatient department situated on the ground floor and Inpatients wards with the Labour room and an Emergency theatre. Elective surgeries are performed on the second floor in the main theatre. The inpatient facility is available on the first floor, that comprises of 110 beds divided into three units with Incharge consultants. Technology for patient care includes Hysteroscopy, Laparoscopy and Cardiotocography (CTG) & Inpatient/Outpatient Ultrasonography.

    The department is recognized by the College of Physicians & Surgeons, Pakistan for FCPS training; College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (UK) for MRCOG training and the University Of Karachi for M.S. training. The department has a structured undergraduate and postgraduate training program which includes teaching rounds, weekly clinical sessions, case presentation, journal club, maternal morbidity and mortality meetings. Guests speakers and experts in particular sub specialities are invited to deliver lectures at clinical sessions. There is active liaison with the department of Pathology, Paediatrics and Community Medicine for purpose of patients care, student teaching, training and research. The department organizes workshops and seminars for postgraduates on frequent basis.

    The department is actively involved in research activities and various researches on different topics and key issues have been presented at national and international conferences. Moreover, articles are frequently published in peer reviewed national and international journals. The department library is furnished with latest text books, reference books and journals (local and international) with Internet facilities to facilitate teaching, learning and research. The Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics has earned and excellent reputation through quality of care provided and excellent learning environment. Academic environment of the department is reflected by its high success rate of undergraduate students and post graduates in the FCPS/MCPS examinations of the College Physicians and Surgeons, Pakistan and in Overseas examinations (MRCOG, UK).

    Head of Department
    Prof. Saadiya Aziz Karim , MBBS,MRCOG,FRCOG(UK), FCPS.
    Prof. Tazeen Fatima Munim, MBBS, FCPS.
    Prof. Rubina Izhar, MBBS,MCPS, FCPS, FRCOG.
    Prof. Shabnam Shamim, MBBS, FCPS.
    Associate Professor
    Dr. Yasmeen Noman, MBBS, MCPS,FCPS.
    Dr. Shahnaz, MBBS, FCPS.
    Dr. Sumbal Sohail, MBBS, FCPS.
    Assistant Professor
    Dr. Aliya Iqbal, MBBS, FCPS.
    Dr.Aisha Khatoon, MBBS, FCPS.
    Dr.Amna Begum, MBBS, FCPS.
    Dr.Zubaida Masood, MBBS, FCPS.
    Dr.Shaista, MBBS, FCPS.
  • Department of Paediarics and Neonatology

    The Department of Paediatrics, Karachi Medical and Dental College & Abbasi Shaheed Hospital is recognized for undergraduate teaching and postgraduates studies (MCPS and FCPS). The department is headed by a Professor and assisted by three Assistant professors, five Senior Registrars, twelve RMO’s and two Medical officers. The nursing support is available with three full time senior nursing staff.

    The department has 100 beds in total; with 55 placed in General ward, 25 in Unit I and 20 beds in Unit II. The Paediatric Emergency has 10 bed beds and operate round the clock. The department caters 150 emergencies per day and provide quality healthcare facilities to these patients. The Departmental OPD works 6 days a week and provides consultancy to around 300 patients/day. The Vaccination clinic also operates 6 days a week and around 100 vaccination services are provided per day. There is also a 10 bedded Isolation ward. The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) has 15 incubators, 5 cots and 2 resuscitation trolleys. The Paediatrics Intensive Care Unit (PICU) has 7 beds with 5 Ventilators and Central Monitoring System.

    Head of Department
    Prof. Sultana Mustafa , MBBS,DCHS, FCPS.
    Prof.Sina Aziz , Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor
    Dr. Ibrahim Shakoor, MBBS, MCPS,FCPS.
    Dr. Sadiq Mirza , MBBS, MCPS, FCPS.
    Dr. Arshad Ali , MBBS, DCH, FCPS.
    Sr. Registrar
    Dr. Aliya Iqbal, MBBS, FCPS.
    Dr.Riffat Ghazala, MBBS, FCPS.
  • Department of Ear, Nose and Throat

    The department of ENT & Head & Neck Surgery of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital has always been regarded as one of the best equipped unit, which has introduced facilities like Brain Stem Evoked Response Audiometry and Laser surgery. The operation theatres are well equipped with latest instruments which also includes Functional Endoscopic Sinus surgery. A complete Audiovisual system exists in the theatre for teaching the undergraduate and postgraduate students.

    Training Program
    The department is recognized by the College of Physician & Surgeons, Pakistan for membership and fellowship. It is also recognised by the Karachi University for the Diploma in Laryngology and Otology (DLO). Many of the doctors have done their post graduation.

    The department promotes research, and faculty members/postgraduate trainees are actively engaged in research activities. A large number of research papers have been presented at national and international forums and many articles were published in reputable journals.

    The department has establishment its own library, which is the best of its kind in any Public Sector Hospital of the province. The library has more than 150 reference books and four international and two national journals of more than ten year. Internet facility is also available which is used by both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The Ancillary services of the department include :

    • Audiology Unit
    • Department Museum
    • Speech Therapy Unit
    • Seminar Room

    Head of Department
    Prof. S.Khalid A. Ashraf, MBBS, FCPS.
    Associate Professor
    Dr. Muhammad Ayub Moosani, MBBS, FCPS.
    Assistant Professor
    Dr. Zahid Sohail , MBBS, DLO , FCPS.
    Dr. Itrat Jawaid, MBBS,MS.
  • Department of Ophthammology

    The Department of Ophthalmology consisted of two unit; one in Abbassi Shaheed Hospital and the other at Spencer Eye Hospital.

    The Department of Ophthalmology, Abbasi Shaheed Hospital is located in a separate building with E.N.T department. The building was donated by Ibrahim Ali Bhai Trust in 1980. The unit has a bed strength or 34 with 17 each reserved for male female patients. The department also has two operation theatres with four operating tables. The OPD caters to about 40,000 patients per year where around 2500 major and 2500 minor surgeries are performed yearly. The department has acquired Latest Fields Analyzer for Glaucoma patients and Cool Phacoemulsification for cataract surgery.

    The department is recognized by the College of Physician and Surgeons, Pakistan for FCPS and MCPS training. It is fully equipped to train up to 100 graduates per year. The faculty and staff are motivated and committed to provide quality education and training to its undergraduates students and postgraduate trainees. The department is well-equipped and latest equipments such as Slit Lamps and Teaching Fundus Camera, Operating teaching Microscope for posterior surgery are used for training of postgraduate trainees and students. Operating microscopes with attachments are available in the operation theatre, Audiovisual cassettes and Slides are also available in ample quantity for enhanced learning of the trainees and students.

    The Department of Ophthalmology unit II, Spencer Eye Hospital was established in the year 1940. It is a 150 bedded hospital. It also has an operation theatre with six operating tables. The OPD caters to about 50,000 patients per year, where around 3000 major and 1000 minor surgeries are performed yearly. Glaucoma, diabetic and laser clinics are functional and providing quality care to patients. The Karachi University and PMCD have recognized it for training of under-graduates.

    Head of Department
    Prof. Arshad Shaikh, MBBS, MCPS, FCPS.  

    Unit- I

    Prof. Arshad Sheikh, MBBS, MCPS, FCPS.
    Associate Professor
    Dr. Nisar Shaikh , MBBS,FRCS.
    Assistant Professor
    Dr. Asad Raza Jaffri, MBBS, FCPS.
    Senior Registrar
    Dr. Shahid Asad, MBBS, FCPS.
    Dr. Erum Shahid, MBBS, FCPS.  

    Unit- II

    Dr.M.S.Fahmi, MBBS, MCPS, FCPS.
    Associate Professor
    Dr. Uzma Fasih , MBBS,FCPS.
    Assistant Professor
    Dr. Atiya Rahman, MBBS, FCPS.
    Senior Registrar
    Dr.M.Raees, MBBS, FCPS.