Karachi Medical & Dental College has successfully completed 20 years and feels proud to touch the academics heights. Our college is recognized by the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council and affiliated with University of Karachi.

A newly refurnished dental hospital has started functioning with newly build consultant clinics.

The college is fully equipped with most modern teaching facilities and modern laboratories. It has pleasant and professional academic atmosphere comprising the faculty with high qualification and vast teaching experience including senior professors and entuastic and dedicated junior staff.

We are committed to high standards of education and top class dental treatment to community.

Post graduation and research programme are the most priority of the institute with the aim to broaden the horizons of scientific knowledge among clinicians, academicians, medical and dental students.



KMDC was established in the year 1991. It is duly recognized by PM&DC and affiliated with an internationally well recognized university, University of Karachi.

The Dental college of KMDC was commissioned and started functioning on 21st February 1993 and since its inception is striving to provide quality education and treatment to the community at an affordable fees.

A recent increase to 100 seats is one of the results of our team work to promote dental KMDC by the grace of almighty Allah is now 22 years of its establishment.

Over the years it has evolved as a centre of excellence in various disciplines of medical and dental sciences and was the first medical and dental college of the country to be establishes and run by the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation.

Our vision is to establish a Medical University which not only standout nationally but also internationally.

The goal and objectives of the KMDC are education, prevention, and cure of oral and dental disease and make them confident in dental and medical practices for providing complete relief to suffering humanity.

Since the establishment of dental college we are working constantly to upgrade services and facilities for our patient.

KMDC is the only teaching institute in the Sindh province which has full recognition for Oral & Maxillofacial surgery & Orthodontic program for postgraduate training leading to FCPS, MCPS & MS oral surgery. We are in the process of starting courses in various disciplines of dentistry with affiliation of Karachi University.

  • Department of Operative Dentistry

    Operative dentistry is the branch of dentistry concerned with the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases of the tooth structure including the repair or restoration of defective teeth. It also includes the care and treatment of children's teeth. The department of Operative dentistry is one of the largest department of dentistry in KMDC. It has more than 20 dental units functional to provide the quality care to dental patients visiting OPD. The Department of Operative dentistry imparts teaching of Restorative dentistry, Paedodontics and Endodontic to undergraduate dental students. The course is taught in the Fourth/Final year of dentistry. The department is well-established and functioning effectively and efficiently with the support of highly qualified and skilled dental professionals and faculty members.

    Head of Department
    Dr.Aqeel A.Shaikh, Associate Professor , BDS, MCPS
    Dr .Rehanuddin Qureshi, BDS, M.Sc.
    Assistant Professor
    Dr.Atif Saleem, BDS, FCPS.
    Dr.Seemina Naghma, BDS.
    Dr.Nazia Zaheer, BDS.
    Dr.S.Saqib Raza, BDS.
    Dr.Shazia Sarwat, BDS
    Dr. Lajwanti Khatwani, BDS
    Dr. Amir Zaheer Warsi, BDS,MCPS(Family Dentistry).
  • Department of Prosthodontics

    It is the branch of dentistry that deals with the replacement of missing teeth and related mouth or jaw and other craniofacial structures by artificial appliances including bridges, dentures, obturators and maxillofacial prostheses or other artificial devices. the Department of Prosthodontics is a well-established department and runs a Prosthodontics clinic in the Dental Hospital. The clinic has 15 units installed, thus providing treatment to a large number of patients. Undergraduate students of Dentistry are oriented with the basic concepts of Prosthodontics through interactive lectures and clinical rotations. Students learn about classification of partial and complete denture, properties and lab procedures. The students are also oriented with the concept, principle and procedure of Fixed Prosthesis.

    Incharge Department
    Dr. Murtaza Raza Kazmi, Assistant Professor, BDS,FCPS.
    Dr.Atiquddin Malik, BDS.
    Dr.Abdul Aleem, BDS.
    Dr.Haifa Saqib, BDS.
    Dr.Samreen Khurram, BDS
    Dr. Fahad Ather, BDS
  • Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

    Department of Oral & Maxillofacial at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital Karachi came into existence in the year 1993. It is adjunct to the department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, KMDC. Since then it is committed in treating numerous patients attending the hospital OPD and as well as in the casualty department. Department of Oral & Maxillofacial comprises of daily Oral & Maxillofacial OPD, Oral & Maxillofacial wards and Oral & Maxillofacial operation theatre.
    Abbasi Shaheed Hospital has a well established Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Department. The department has both male & female wards with 30 beds in each ward. It also has seminar room where discussion, presentations and weekly journal club are held regularly. It also have treatment room having facilities of treatment for both major and minor trauma patients as well as minor operations. On site library having various books of the relevant specialty. A computer room with internet access is also available for online information gathering and research purpose. The faculty of the department comprises of a Professors, an Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, 06 RMO’s and 08 residents who are fulfilling their FCPS residency at present. There are 10 dental chairs in the OPD. It has facility of carrying out all oral surgical procedures.
    Oral & Maxillofacial department at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital is also a Postgraduate centre for FCPS and MCPS programs and recognized by the College of Physicians & Surgeons, Pakistan as an accredited centre for training. Oral & Maxillofacial department also a postgraduate training centre for M.S, M.D programs and recognized by BSR, Karachi University.

    Head of Department
    Prof. Syed Mahmood Haider, BDS, M.Sc, FFDRCSI, FDSRCS.
    Associate Professor
    Dr. Zubair A. Abbasi , BDS, MSC, FFDRCS (Ireland).
    Assistant Professor
    Dr.Zahid Ali, BDS, FCPS.
    Dr.Sufyan Ahmed, BDS, FCPS.
    Dr.Khalid Mehmood, BDS, FCPS.
    Dr.Aurangzaib Iqbal, BDS.
    Dr.Iffat Nafees, BDS.
    Dr.Muddasir, BDS.
    Dr.Rashid Ali, BDS .
  • Department of Orthodontics

    Orthodontics is the dental specialty and practice of preventing and correcting irregularities of the teeth with or without the use of orthodontic appliances (braces).The Department of Orthodontics, Karachi Medical and Dental College is equipped with 10 dental units to train both undergraduate students and postgraduate internees. The department is recognised by College of physician and Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP) for FCPS training. The department focuses on the speciality in dentistry that deals with alignment of teeth and treating problems related to growth and development of jaws. Latest Orthodontic techniques are used to provide high quality treatment to patients and special consideration is given to infection control and sterilization. Faculty provides orthodontic instruction to dental students and develop proficiency in diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment of wide variety of malocclusions using appliance techniques and treatment philosophies. Orthodontics department at KMDC is also a Postgraduate centre for FCPS program and recognized and accredited by the College of Physicians & Surgeons, Pakistan for postgraduate training.

    Incharge Department
    Dr. Syed Sheeraz Hussain, Assistant Professor, BDS,DCPS(HCSM), MCPS, FCPS.
    Assistant Professor
    Dr.Samia Siraj, BDS, MCPS.
    Dr.Syed Shah Faisal, BDS, MCPS.
    Dr.Nida Chughtai, BDS.
    Dr.Syeda Afshan Jamal, BDS.
    Dr.Hira Ayub, BDS.
  • Department of Periodontology

    Periodontology is an emerging speciality in dentistry and deals with the diagnosis, prevention and management of the diseases of the tissues and structures surrounding and supporting the teeth. The Department of Periodontology runs a Periodontology Clinic in the Dental Hospital, KMDC. The clinic has 10 dental units. The subject is taught to undergraduate dental students and prepare these students for clinical management of periodontal patients in general dental practice. The course trains undergraduate students to adopt a clinically proficient, scientifically orientated, analytical, empathetic and ethical and committed approach for the improvement of periodontal health in the community.

    Head of Department
    Dr. Muhammad Nasir, Assocaite Professor, BDS,FCPS.
    Dr. Asad Akbar Moin, BDS.
    Dental Officer
    Dr.Saaduf Erum Kazmi, BDS.
  • Department of Oral Pathology

    The Department of Oral Pathology focuses on oral health diseases. Students are taught to familiarise themselves with the histological as well as clinical presentation of the diseases of the oral cavity using microscopic specimens, models, slides and clinical images. Thus, students learn about the structural and functional manifestations of oral diseases. The undergraduate students are provided sufficient knowledge about all aspects of oral diseases to enable them identify and treat the disease effectively. The dedicated efforts of the faculty members reflects the excellent results of the students with most scoring excellent marks in the subject in University of Karachi examinations.

    Head of Department
    Dr. Masood A.Zaki, Assocaite Professor,B.Sc, BDS, MBBS, MCPS.
    Assistant Professor
    Dr. Mehwish Kashif, BDS, FCPS.
    Dr.Sara Azeem, BDS.
    Dr.Tariq Fayyaz, BDS.
    Dr.Sanober Naveed, BDS.
    Dr.Sheraz Abbas, BDS.
  • Department of Community Dentistry

    Community Dentistry is a branch, discipline, or specialty of dentistry that deals with the community and its aggregate dental or oral health rather than that of the individual patient. The Department of Community dentistry provides community based knowledge and skills to the undergraduate students of BDS. The Department has excelled in not only providing the basic knowledge of Community Dentistry but also, has pioneered community based research in various fields of Public Health importance. The faculty members and students have published numerous articles in indexed journals. This course covers current issues on the prevalence, distribution and influence of plaque-related diseases and emerging oral conditions and the impact of social, cultural and environmental factors on dental health and disease. It introduces the organisation of oral healthcare in Pakistan, application of oral epidemiology research activities and community based oral health promotion activities. Interactive lectures, field visits and tutorials make the subject interesting for student with enhanced understanding. Consequently, students have consistently gained high grades in the subject on account of the quality of teaching and effective learning environment provided.

    Head of Department
    Dr. M.Ashraf Ayub , Assocaite Professor, BDS, MPH, MCPS.
    Assistant Professor
    Dr. Sana Adeeba Islam, BDS, M.Sc.(Lon).
    Senior Registrar
    Dr.Rizwan Nadeem, BDS,MPH.
    Dr.Furqan Ahmed, BDS.
    Dr.Nabeel Khan, BDS.
  • Department of Oral Biology & Tooth Morphology

    The Department of Oral Biology educates students about development, structure, form and function of the oral cavity and its constituent parts with special emphasis on the gross and microscopic structure of teeth and their supporting structures. Students are taught about Tooth Morphology and Occlusion. Students learn to identify teeth, gain knowledge of gross structure of permanent and deciduous teeth and their function. The learning is sequential, as students are taught about development of the oral cavity is followed by the microscopic study of teeth, their supporting structures and the bones, joints and glands of the oral cavity. The function and clinical relevance of each structure is concurrently discussed. The teaching by the highly qualified and dedicated faculty members develops a fair level of competency among students to differentiate between a deciduous and a permanent tooth and application of the theoretical knowledge at their clinical practice.

    Head of Department
    Dr.Nisar Ali Khan , Assocaite Professor, BDS, MCPS.
    Dr. Filza Minhas, BDS.
    Dr. Farhat Naseer, BDS.
    Dr. Nida Mir, BDS.
    Dr. Nauman Sherazi, BDS.
  • Department of Oral Diagnosis

    Oral diagnosis is a clinically-based subject that deals with the diagnosis and management of diseases of the mouth, jaws and salivary glands, Oro-facial pain and the oral manifestations of systemic diseases. The course builds upon the knowledge as the student makes progress in the course studies. Detailed aspects of benign tumours and cancers in the mouth and oral region and the pathology of organ systems such as the jawbones and salivary glands are taught. The course develops competency among students to diagnose oral diseases and their medical management without surgical intervention.

    Head of Department
    Prof .Rehana Mehar, BDS,FDSRCS.
    Dr. Faizah Hassan, BDS.
    Dr.Anum Ejaz, BDS.
    Dental Officer
    Dr. Ghazal Imam,BDS.
  • Department of Anesthesia

    Senior Registrar
    Dr. Iqbal Ahsan, MBBS, MCPS.
  • Department of Dental Material

    The Department of Dental Materials aims to provide its students with the knowledge to understand the scope of dental materials, the structure and behavior of materials, properties, composition, development and manipulation of materials used in the provision of dental treatments. It explores the origin, nature, chemistry, effects, and uses of all materials used in the processing, fabrication and provision of dental restorations and also includes aspects of toxicity and safety of these materials for staff and patients. Various restorative materials, dental impression materials, dental waxes, gypsum products, metals and miscellaneous dental materials are all covered by the field. The students are educated with a thorough understanding of these products and the skill to manipulate these materials during future clinical work. On account of the excellent mentoring and teaching the students have shined in the University of Karachi examinations and secured outstanding results.

    Head of Department
    Dr . Aqeel A. Shaikh, Associate Professor, BDS,FCPS.
    Dr. Yousuf Ali, BDS.
    Dr.Audsia Feroz, BDS.
    Dr.Affan Ahmed, BDS.
    Dr.Asma Siddiqui, BDS.
    Dr.Maryam Akhlaq, BDS.
  • Phantom Head Lab

    Phantom Head laboratory is a unique and state of art facility that plays a pivotal role in introducing dental students to the structure of human anatomy with special focus on teeth, orientation of a dental work station as well as patient and doctor posture and positioning. Thus, it develops the psychomotor skills of the students on the mannequins before performing procedures on patients.

    Head of Department
    Dr . Seemina Naghma, BDS, FCPS-I.
    Dr. Anum Khan, BDS.