kmdc liberary

  • Financial Assistance

    The deserving students are awarded free ship by the College & Qarz-e-Hasana from banking Council at Pakistan as per rules of the University of Karachi. The free ship committee receives the application and decides the deserving cases. Free ship is awarded from 2nd year of the admission so that progress of the 1st year and the student's financial position are viewed by the committee.
  • Transport Services

    College transport is available for the students. The buses run on three separate routes covering almost whole city of Karachi to facilitate the students pick-n-drop services. Transport is also provided for clinical teaching in Abbassi Shaheed Hospital and for the community field visits. Moreover, the College is located in such a place that different routes of the city public transport are also easily available for and from the College.
  • Student's Health Services

    The department of Community Medicine maintains primary health care centre, one emergency centre for instant use of students. When required, on extended medical service, Abbassi Shaheed Hospital is available where all the facilities exist. Six student councillor's from teaching staff are available for guidance.
  • Learning Resource Center

    The elaborate computer facilities at KM&DC offer extensive usage hours and state-of-the-art hardware and variety of software to make computing a real learning experience. The facilities comprises network PCs linked to a wide range of software, communication and print services. This lab has twenty computers with internet facility. Training in computer learning is compulsory for all students. Access to information sources through the internet enables students and staff to benefit from recent advancements in health sciences.
  • Auditorium

    At KMDC there is a newly constructed, aesthetically designed. Dr. Ishtiaq Auditorium. Capacity of this auditorium is 750 seats. The aim is to make the teaching-learning interactive process much better. The auditorium is equipped with latest audio-visual facilities, including over-head projectors and multimedia. It is being used for conferences, seminars, symposia and other events.
  • Gymnasium

    KMDC has a well equipped gymnasium. Sports facilities such as table tennis, hand ball, badminton, volley ball and basketball are provided.
  • College Canteen

    There is an independent and spacious cafeteria for the students and staff in the campus, where quality food and other eatables are served under strict hygienic conditions. The College canteen is housed in a small hall specially built for this purpose with its own kitchen and standard furniture for the users. Tea, Cold Drink, Snacks and freshly cooked hot kababs are served.
  • Extracurricular Activities

    Students are encouraged to create a fulfilling and satisfying environment for themselves at the College. The College has well organized Sports and Social clubs. Students have the opportunity to manage these societies / committees through their nominated representatives and make the best use of their formative years at the Karachi Medical & Dental College.

    Sports week is organised every year in a befitting manner. Students and staff participate in this colourful event. Winners are awarded prizes, shields and Trophies. Talent show and Mushaira are held every year at the college premises for the cultural and intellectual enhancement of the students. Picnic and Annual Dinner are the most awaited events for both students and faculty members. These events create a healthy environment for the students and inculcate a sense of healthy competition and joy.
  • Girls/Boys Common Room

    A girls common room and boys common room has been located at 1st floor at KMDC.
  • Library

    A well equipped, fully furnished and air-conditioned library with latest editions of books and medical periodicals is present in KM&DC and Abbassi Shaheed Hospital for students, Teachers and Postgraduates students. The services of three qualified librarians are available, one at permanent site, one at Dental and one at Abbassi Shaheed Hospital. A senior Professor is Incharge of the Library affairs. The total number of books available in central library at the permanent site are 2885 and at Abbassi Shaheed Hospital is 1231. A large number of video films about 100 on different subject are available in the library.