Founded in 1991, KMDC has become a leading medical and dental college of Pakistan. Affiliated with Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, KMDC is the Country’s first Medical College established and run by a City Government.
The Abbassi Shaheed Hospital
Abbassi Shaheed is a teaching hospital of KMDC.The Abbassi Shaheed Hospital, Karachi was completed at the cost of Rs. 2.5 crores on 7 acre of land in the heart of the city, in the year 1973 and inaugurated on 2nd January, 1974.
Dental OPD
Since 1993, KMDC proudly houses one of the nation’s finest dental college. We are diligently committed to highest standards of modern dental education. We are also an active contributor for community events and awareness campaigns geared toward better oral and dental health in Pakistan.
Medical OPD
Our Medical Outpatient Department is created to offer care and value in every aspect. Our diligent and devoted staff consider it their first duty to attend to their patients without any delay. This is where the expertise of our staff and wonders of modern technology come together to perform miracles everyday.
Life at KMDC
At KMDC, we ensure a positive and productive learning environment for the students. Our highly qualified faculty members are always keen to serve as a mentor for their pupil. From educational to extracurriculars, our students enjoy four year of competitive yet memorable academic experience.
Karachi Medical & dental College has earned the reputation of enhancing student's educational experience and improving overall health of the community. KMDC is recognised by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council and College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan.



bgFounded in 1991, KMDC has become a leading medical and dental college of Pakistan. Affiliated with Abbassi Shaheed Hospital, KMDC is the Country’s first Medical College established and run by a Municipal Corporation. The college was founded with a vision to redefine standards of medical education by introducing a test based admission. KMDC denounces the quota system and self-financing schemes, and offers admission based solely on merit and aptitude. KMDC is renowned for its excellence in teaching and research that relates the profession of Medicine and Dentistry. The College is located in Block "M" North Nazimabad. An artistically designed campus sprawling over 10.4 acres, coupled with futuristic state-of-the-art equipment and modern infrastructure, provides a congenial and conducive learning environment. The campus consists of well equipped and state of the art lecture halls, Anatomy dissection hall, tutorial rooms, laboratories, library, computer lab, auditorium, cafeteria, book shop, mosque, sports facilities and a spacious parking area. Karachi Medical and Dental College is committed in its pursuit of excellence to provide the best academic facilities and atmosphere to its students. We train future leaders of medicine who set new standards in knowledge, caring and compassion. The faculty is exceptionally well qualified and committed in providing combination of nurturing support and challenge to the students to reach their maximum potential. We are determined to transform the contents, methodology of teaching and technological resources according to the dictates of time.

Graduate Testimonials

  • Its unparalleled faculty and state-of-the-art facilities along with friendly campus environment have made KMDC what it is today – One of the most sought after Dental college in the Pakistan. The way the college prepares students to face global competition and come out successful is unique and unmatched. Producing the kind of students health sector looks for is the result of an electrifying combination of intelligent effort and optimal resources. A first-rate college’s immortality is neither more nor less than the words spoken even decades later by its students to their own colleagues, friends, spouses, and children – “I graduated from “KMDC”
    Dr Jehanzaib
  • I was the student of the first batch (1993 – 1997) of BDS from Karachi Medical & Dental College. The positive point of the college was our ‘Faculty Members’. On one side they were adept in teaching skills and on the other side they were our mentors. Apart from the excellent education, it was the friendly journey that was the most rewarding. It was the combination of the KMDC education, the KMDC community, and the KMDC friendships that defined the uniqueness that I will always remember with great pride. I’m highly thankful to KMDC for providing me a solid foundation which helped me to achieve my career goals. I feel proud to be a product of such reputed institution.
    Dr Sheraz
  • KMDC had played a transformational role in my life. Apart from the best education offered here, I had enjoyed every single day of my 4 years spent at college. It was the first place where I was introduced to the concept of patient care, technology innovation and breakthrough opportunities. I support KMDC in gratefulness for the knowledge and experience it gave me and would continue to play my role in the growth of the institution. I have no issues in admitting that what I am today and what I will be in future, KMDC will have an important part in it. It is and will remain a landmark in my career and its growth. Thank you to all of my teachers 
    Dr Shah Faisal
  • Studying at KMDC was a great experience and best of the years of my life. At KMDC quality of education is the first priority and I can say with pride that, quality of learning is best in KMDC. Teaching expertise at Karachi Medical & Dental College is excellent which ignites the minds of budding professionals to achieve their goals for life. High tech labs and updated library has always quenched our thirst of theoretical knowledge. Clinical rotations at Abbassi Shaheed hospital was magnificent to gain practical skills and attitude. I always thank KMDC for carving a professional out of me and I dedicate my success to the KMDC and thank Allah .
    Dr Adil

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Annals Of ASH & KMDC

(PMDC recognized medical journals )The Editor of the Annals of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital and Karachi Medical and Dental College, welcomes scientific contributions in the field of Medicine for publication in the journal. All submissions are peer reviewed by subject specialists